The next time the Canadian Cancer Society (Or any) come knocking on your door for the Run for the CURE, Rick Simpson says SHUT THE DOOR. This 58 year old Nova Scotia man called them to tell them about the miraculous cure he had found in hemp oil. He not only cured his OWN cancer but he cured doZens of others. Why is everyone afraid? Hemp oil is not addictive, it doesn't get these people stoned or high, in fact it has brought many back from the brink of death, those that the medical community gave up for dead. So Why aren't they curious? Why don't they want to explore what nature has provided? Rick says because they can't put a patent on Nature. There is NO MONEy to be made when people can grow and make their own. Are the Pharmaceutical companies THAT Powerful? YOU BET THEY ARE. Let's look at Bill C51. Join us tonight with your Cancer story