Arlyn Imberman,author of Signature for Success, Fifth Avenue Business Coach and famed Graphologist joins the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso tonight for a look at the handwriting of Wall Street Schemer Bernie Madoff and what it reveals about his character. Could a visit to her have saved his clients MILLIONS?
WE will be joined by his receptionist of two years, former MTV Europeon Singing sensation Madelin Zero as well as former Madoff investor, author of Cafe Tempest, Barbara Bonfigli who along with her mother lost their life savings.
As a Special FEATURE- TONIGHT- Frankie is REVEALED.. what is hidden behind the handwriting of the Unstoppable Coach Frankie Picasso? Is she REALLY Unstoppable? Arlyn recieved a sample of Frankie's handwriting in her New York office a week ago and was given permission to analyze it and give her analysis of what it reveals about Frankie's character and any hidden secrets, ON AIR!!!