Mick Jagger, meet Jack Hayford. These are the worlds spanned by musician and pastor Jimi Calhoun, who uses his experiences in both arenas to help readers dissect racial relation issues. Tonight the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso is joined by Pastor Jimi Calhoun, author of "A Story of Rhythm and Grace: What the Church Can Learn from Rock and Roll about Healing the Racial Divide".
Before becoming a pastor, Calhoun played bass for major recording acts and performed on stage with prominent artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Etta James, Hank Williams Jr., John Lennon, and Elton John. In his book, Jimi combines colorful illustrations from the rock-and-roll world with stories from his life as a pastor to show how he has succeeded as a bridge builder between cultures. As he interweaves personal stories with reflections on race, Calhoun challenges Christians (and dare I say others) to reach out for racial healing and reconciliation and offers hope for racial harmony in the church and in the broader culture.
Tonight is a very special 90 minute Show. Please join in along with my panel of experts as we discuss the topic of Church, Religeon, race and how we can heal the past and pave way for a racial harmony.
Joining us will also be, Chad Dion Lassiter,President Black Men at Penn School of Social Work, Dr. Paula Matabane,Communications professor at Howard University and independent filmmaker, her latest Faithfully Divided, Latayne Scott, former Mormon and author of 15 books including The Mormon Mirage, Rev. David Izenbart of Living Springs Community Church, a multicultural Church in Il.