Justin Hines is the kind of performer that is mesmerizing on stage and off. There really is no other way to describe his appeal.
Permanently bound to a wheel chair that he doesn't bother to hide, Justin lives with a rare genetic disorder called Larsen Syndrome. He isn't stopped by his physicality, ( his joints are affected by his disease) and neither is his audience. All thoughts of disability go out the window once the music starts. His slight gravelly voice is reminicient of his idols, Jim Croce and James Taylor, and he holds his audience from the first note. He is charismatic and positive and he shines on and off the stage with his attitude. Against the odds, this singer songwriter, hasn't allowed physical obstacles to deter him from playing piano with 7 fingers or travelling around the world.
He is a musical force that won't be slowing down anytime too soon.
Justin’s latest CD came out in June and is entitled, Chasing Silver.