Join the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso and Jean Davies Okomoto on Nov.9th, when they discuss her latest book The Love Ceiling and the important issues regarding women in mid-life who have always put their goals on the back burner, and how they might find the inspiration to realize their creative aspirations.
Jean may be best known for her children's books and teen literature, but her recent foray into the adult market, will garner her adoration from a whole new audience, of this I have no doubt. Not only is she a gifted writer but she is also a gift to those of us who love to read great books. Books that offer some relevance to our lives.

Jean is fearless and willingly treads where others dare not go, especially to the over 50 crowd. Perhaps it's because she brings attention to important concerns without fanfare or for the shock value that we find ourselves more accepting of her characters and their real life problems. Whether her characters struggle with issues surrounding homosexuality, bi-racial relationships, alcohol, or agism, Jean offers different perspectives on real life issues, but holds the judgments and condemnation. As she breathes humanity into her characters, we feel our own come out to play. Her latest novel," The Love Ceiling" offers rich lessons about family dynamics, love, relationships and agism.

Jean Davies Okimoto, is not only a multi decorated award winning author, but she cares deeply about social and environmental issues. She is an activist in the best sense of the word.

Jean is the founder of the Seattle Reading Awards, which recognizes the fifth grade students in the Seattle Public Schools who have shown the most improvement in reading. The program focuses on Chapter One, Bilingual and Special Education students and she has served as its co-chair since the awards began under the sponsorship of the Seattle Reading Association in 1986.