Join the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso on Tuesday,December 15th for the Season Finale of Mission Unstoppable Radio. Don't worry we will be back in January with new and exciting guests.
My guest this evening is Susan Rae Baker, Author, Speaker, Teacher,and leader in the field of Life & Business Coaching. The Last Box was Susan's award winning book and gift to Women in the World of business, giving them permission to be who they were meant to be. Susan addresses women in all stages of their work lives to help them navigate the 'fish' they are likely to encounter in the corporate waters.
Susan is a master at inspiring her clients and workshop attendees to get out of their "Rut of Indecision", and make the move to change their lives and become who they were meant to be.
As a new year is about to begin, perhaps Susan and I can move you to the place where ACTION happens for you!