Chris's book chronicles the onset of his diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis at age 18, and takes us through his College Days, his first marriage, his relationship with his step son, and how the progression of his disease parralled the break down of his relationship with the love of his life and his now ex wife Rachel. As Chris's disease took away his motor skills,robbed him of his energy and self esteem, it increased his lack of patience with himself and others, and he found himself striking out with anger more and more until finally, his relationship could no longer be salvaged.The lessons Chris learned about his own relationship is what he hopes to share with other couples today, in order to help them understand and learn to deal with chronic illness in their lives.
From Counseling to medication, Chris covers the gamut of solutions that he believes would have been helpful in his own relationship and will benefit others who are experiencing life with a Chronic Illness today.

Although legally blind, no longer able to drive, using a walker and wheel chair, today Chris is currently happily remarried and living life with a more positive perspective and renewed outlook for life.