Please join the Unstoppable Frankie Picasson on Tuesday, January 26th, for another Mission Unstoppable at 8:00 pm est when my guest is bestselling author and personal development pioneer Carol Tuttle!
Have you ever wondered “Who am I”, what is my real personality and how can I get along with the people around me? Of course you have, we all have. Sometimes we just want to ‘fit’ in with the families and folks we belong to so slowly over time, we tend to hide our real personalities. Carol Tuttle is going to set you free with her new book, “It’s just my Nature”. Now you have a real guide to help you understand your true nature and that of those around you. Learn what makes you and others tick!

Carol has the answers to the “who am I” dilemma in her latest book, “It’s Just My Nature!” She takes you on a journey of discovering your true personality – the one you were born with and that never changes, through her innovative typing system called Energy Profiling™.
Carol’s book “It’s Just My Nature” introduces readers to a startling accurate method for assessing their personality and behavioral tendencies with an innovative profiling system called Energy Profiling™. Carol helps you answer the questions, “What is meant by the term human nature?”, “What do we mean by nature?”, “What does it mean when we say someone has a natural gift?”, “Where does this gift come from?”

Energy Profiling™ is a unique system that helps define personality traits, as well as human behavior and physical characteristics, to reveal the true you. It’s Just My Nature! is being hailed as a groundbreaking work that is bound to change the way we experience ourselves and others.

If you would like to know more about what your Energy is saying about you, CALL INTO The Show and Carol will give you an assessment by just your voice.