Join the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso on Tuesday, February 9th,2010 for an important show on Drug Addiction with Director of Operations for Jewish Addiction Community Services and recovering Addict, David Rosenberg. David was CEO of a well known Clothing emporium, he was a father and husband and crack addict. David tried the usual route of the 12 step program but something about hanging out in a Church basement with the iconic cross and jesus/mary fixtures, made it difficult for this Conservative Jew. He later found that there was a program just for Jews, and when he went there, he felt he had come home.
Tonight we question the role Religeon and Christianity plays in recovery. Is it necessary?
Also joining us is another recovered Addict, Nancy L. Jerominski, CHEK holistic life style coach, IDEA trainer, who found religeon the wrong route for her. Find out what helped her recover, lose weight and gain control of her life.