Join the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso for another Mission Unstoppable on Tuesday, February 23rd,when we go down under to visit with author Lilianne Grace, who wrote the run away best selling novel, The Master Club,a unique personal development novel/manual for adolescents.
At the time, Lilianne was a struggling home based mother whose own life seemed to be in crisis, and since writing it, her life has been transformed on all fronts. She has achieved rare large volume sales for a self-published title, won an international award, landed a publishing deal in China, and is right now fielding interest from many quarters regarding a feature film adaptation of her book. Liliane has also authored a new picture book series for younger children called The Champion Series, which are about modern day leaders who followed through on a childhood dream. The first two Champion Series books feature international educators Dr John Demartini ('The Boy Who Barked') and Don Tolman ('The Boy Who Found His Pulse'). This stimulating journey has taken place against a domestic backdrop in which she home educated her three children who are all now teenagers.
The Master Club may have been written for adolecents but it is a great primer or refresher course for those who would like to manifest their dreams.