Join the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso as she goes on another mission, March 2, with her guest Ben Cope, a DotComPreneur, Web Designer, and Internet Marketing Consultant specializing in high-end, custom websites, including WordPress blogs.

Ben was dubbed " The Internet Genius" by one of his clients, and I can tell you from my own experience working with Ben, that this name is not an exagerration.

Would you like to know more about how the internet works?
Do you have a company, product or service that needs an amazing ONLINE PRESENCE?

Did you hear that it can cost thousands of dollars for a web site, something that is way out of your reach right now?
Would you be surprised if you could do this work yourself and have it look professional for a fee that just about anyone can afford?

Do you get impatient waiting for your 'web' guru to make even small changes for you, changes that need to be as responsive as you are to your customer?

What is you could change your site EVERY DAY, by YOURSELF? IT's EASY TOO!!

Would you like to understand about social marketing and how these sites can REALLY BE USED to benefit you and your business ?

Have you heard of WordPress, but wasn't sure what it is, how it works or even what it can do?

If you have answered YES, to even one of these question, give yourself a 60 minute gift and tune into Mission Unstoppable Radio this evening because Ben is available to answer ALL of your questions and offer advice and help!

Do words like Content Management System (CMS), page mash, SEO Plugins, Tweets, make you feel insecure and dumb? Don't worry, after tonight you will know exactly what they mean.

Do you want to know how to boost Google and Alexa Rankings on your sites as well find out how your competitors are faring on theirs?

Just what is Social Media Marketing and how is this going to benefit me?

FInd out EVERYTHING tonight on Mission Unstoppable.. DARE to LEARN!!!