Join the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso this week as we go on another Mission Unstoppable with author and former Air Force pilot, Dr.Jack Gresham.
After his 3 year stint in the Military, Jack went back to school and graduated with a medical degree in 1961, his specialty Orthopeadic surgery.
During the 1980's, Jack and his wife left Miami and established a Western Style Orthopedic surgery and rehab a local hospital in Saudi Arabia, a place he stayed for 5 years.
A Student of both history and the Old Testament, 18 Billion is the first of four spiritually based novels with the Middle East as the focal point. Jack blends fiction with fact and creates a realistic and terrifying novel that will leave readers wondering and exploring the consequences of terrorism long after.
18 Billion is a novel about what happens when a peaceful Muslim leader, a man with strong beliefs in nonviolent Jihad, recieves 18 Billion dollars stolen from the US Government by his fundamentalist followers.
A historian and bibilical scholar, Jack believes that the END OF AGE the old testament speaks about will involve the Middle East at its' core.