Please join The Unstoppable Frankie Picasso on Tuesday, May 11th when my guest is former Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer, John Quinn who authored the book, 'Someone Like Me' My Secret Life with Cerbral Palsy. All it took was one small lie and a major acting job and coverup for John Quinn to live out his lifelong dream of becoming a Sailor in the Navy.
John's deception was no small feat when you think of trying to cover up disease with such physically evident symptoms, not to mention the great amount of pain he was obviously in daily. John's time in the Navy was spent as a battleship sailor on board the USS Iowa and many others, and he even served with the Navy SEALs.
John hopes that his story will inspire others with Cerebral Palsy and give them the hope and proof they may need to see that possibilities do exist for a brighter future than the medical profession has offered so far.