Join the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso on Tuesday, May 25th when her guest is Frank Romano, author,lawyer, professor and activist for interfaith peace in the middle east.
Tonight, Frankie and Frank will discuss the role that religion plays in in world conflict, and how it can sometimes prevent and help lead us to world peace. We invite you to engage in dialogue for solutions for peace in the Middle East as well.
Frank's book, Storm over Morocco, is the story of his true life adventure of being an American studying in Paris, in search of the meaning of Life. While studying Philosophy at the Sorbonne, young Frank decides to leave the esoteric world of the University in search of real life adventures. He somehow believes that he will find answers in Morocco and decides to learn more about Islam. His journey takes us back 30 years where he finds himself being held prisoner by an extremist Muslim sect in Morocco , and somehow able to resist the brainwashing from this Jihadist group, Frank escapes . Today, Frank organizes and participates in interfaith peace events involving Jews, Moslems and Christians in Israel and Palestine.