Please join the unstoppable frankie picasso on Tuesday June 8th when my guest is Dr. D Melchedeziak, an internationally renowned Christian Missionary,dental surgeon and student of the former Dr. Batmanghelidj. Today, Dr. Mel is the worlds leading authority on the Water Cure. Dr. Batmangheldij claimed that people aren't sick. They are Dehydrated. Don't use medication to cure thirst. By drinking a combination of water and sea salt, many folks have been cured of everything from cancer to chronic pain. Dr. Mel suffered from severe restless leg syndrome, muscular cramps and back pain which was relieved by following the water cure. His wife Amelia Arenas Serrano got cured from peptic ulcer, liver and gall bladder stone, gastritis, anxiety, insomnia and depression by following the simple steps of Water Cure.