My guest this week is David Jacobson, MSW, LCSW, an expert on humor and health who at 22 was diagnosed with a severe and painful form of arthritis that fused many of his joints and temporarily put him into a wheelchair. Ten years later, David was miraculously able to ride a Unicycle , 50 miles in a fund raiser for Arthritis, as well as receive a silver medal in the 115mile El Tour de Tucson Bicycling Event. David also garnered the PBAA Jim Elliot Award.

How did he do it? What happened during those 10 years? I could tell you that David was visited by Aliens who cured him, but that wouldn’t be true. Wink! So what did he happen? Tune in to find out.

I can tell you this. David, wrote a few books, one being, The 71/2 Habits of Highly Humorous People, while fashioning a widely recognized and successful international speaking career with his company Humor Horizons.

Currently, David continues to manage the Social Work department at University Medical Center in Tucson, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor