Please join the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso on Tuesday, September 28th at 8:00 pm est for another Mission Unstoppable Radio show. My guest this week is the phenominal Dr. Helene Leonetti, a practicing gynecologist
who is helping women to find the elusive :"Self Esteem Gene". Special NOTE: IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING SYMPTOMS OF MENOPAUSE- DON"T MISS THIS SHOW!!!!!! The work Dr. Leonetti is doing with bio hormones is something you will want to know about. TRUST ME ON THIS. Dr. Leonetti has pushed the envelop her entire career. Starting as a registered nurse, she took the plunge after 40 to become a physician. Today, she is near 70, and has thrice published her research on bio-identical hormones, is an herbalist, a Reiki Master, and still sees about 120 patients every week. In her book, she delves into the steps we need to take in order to develop our self-esteem and thus our health:If 2-3 of those women are completely comfortable with and love themselves unconditionally, that’s above average. “Look at me, I’m so fat.” “Everything I do just isn’t enough.” Who hasn’t uttered these words or heard a woman utter them? Self-esteem does not come easy to many, especially women. Yet, self-esteem is essential to good health as Dr. Leonetti explains in her new book, Hardwired for Love: Nurturing Yourself to Vibrant Health (indi Publishing Group, June 1, 2010). How can we heal, have good physical health, and be emotionally balanced if we don’t love ourselves? It's virtually impossible. That's why Dr. Leonetti is all about what she calls "the self-esteem gene," which needs to be activated regardless of age.