Please join me, the Unstoppable Frankie Picasso when I interview this weeks Unstoppable Guest Dr. Robert Rose. Robert Rose is a tireless advocate and pioneer for an education system that not only empowers the individuality of children but also that of the teacher. He calls his program, Imaginative Curriculum (IC). With over 50 years of teaching experience, through trial and error, Dr. Rose has found a way of teaching that excels at turning out students who are independent, self-aware, self-confident, self-motivated, and who can totally accept responsibility for their actions.
Unfortunately, the Schools and school boards don't always agree that this is in the best interest of the school or the children.
Perhaps they think his idea of a ' Self Sustaining Classroom" may be too radical?
Dr. Rose, is a psychologist and educator, who often challenges the status quo and this time he wants everyone to step up to the plate, including the children, parents, administrators, and legislators , ( anyone with a vested interested including the teacher) to also take responsibility for what happens in the classroom.

His book, JOYS of TEACHING: They Touched My Life won the READERS’S FAVORITE award for the Best Education Book of 2009, but you can see from the title of his other book, ABUSES of POWER in EDUCATION:Challenging Practically Everything, why the 'system' that the Education system has not always been his friend.
Instigator, advocate,rebel, and warrior/teacher with a cause, Robert has been fighting the education system for the better part of 50 years and he just might be one of the worlds Greatest Teachers.