A newlywed, Barbara Stahura was thrown into a world of pain when she learned that her husband Ken had just become the the victim of a serious motorcycle accident and had sustained traumatic brain injury. Ken can credit his helmut for saving his life, but his brain sustained a TBI.
As Family members are thrown into the role of caregiver,Barbara discovered that this role can come with extreme emotional exhaustion, a clinical condition called compassion fatigue. Those affected by TBI—survivors and family members alike—need every tool available to cope with the condition as they work toward whatever physical, mental, and emotional healing is possible.

Author of ' After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story, which she co-wrote with speech therapist Susan B. Schuster, MA, CCC-SLP, has been hailed as “a landmark book for people with brain injury and their friends and family” and “a gentle process for uncovering the injured and recovering self.” Barbara is also the author of 'What I thought I Knew’ a collection of personal essays, and truths of the heart that Barbara has filled with gut wrenching honesty and heartwarming ‘win’s’ of the heart.

Anthony Aquan-Assee -on the morning of Sept 23rd, 1997, Anthony Aquan –Assee,was on his way to school to coach football practice when he became the victim of horrific motorcycle crash. Anthony sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of a this accident and underwent numerous life saving surgeries including Neurosurgery, Open Heart surgery, Lung surgery, Plastic surgery and General surgery. He was not expected to live, but his miraculous survival and unbelievable recovery astonished the medical experts and continues to astound those who hear of it today.
Anthony is a motivational speaker and author of 3 books, Second Life, Second Chance: A Teacher's Chronicle of Despair, Recovery and Triumph , Starting Over A Survivor's Guide and Vendeka's Creed