I was the most pleasant interview with Susan Gregory, author of The Daniel Fast for Weightloss. Susan is a prolific author, Christian writer and a true humanitarian. In 2007, Susan heard the voice of God calling to her. He told her to write about The Daniel Diet, which is a vegan type fast, based upon the diet that Daniel of the Old Testament ate while a prisoner in ancient Babylon.
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The fast consists of eating only foods grown from seed..beans, wheat, fruits, vegetables, oils, etc.. its similiar to vegan except no sugar, sweets of any kind, tea or coffee is allowed to be eaten. The only beverage allowed for 21 days is water.

Never did she think she would become the world expert on The Daniel Fast, in fact as (“The Daniel Fast Blogger”), Susan regularly corresponds with thousands of men and women who are seeking God through the spiritual discipline of prayer and fasting. Since its launch in December 2007, her website www.daniel-fast.com has received nearly 14 million visits, and Susan has corresponded with tens of thousands of people throughout the world. She has a passion to help followers of Jesus Christ from all cultures integrate their faith into every part of their lives. Her work has taken her to more than thirty-five countries. She is also the author of Out of the Rat Race and The Daniel Cure (with Richard J. Bloomer, PhD). A mother and grandmother, Susan lives in a small college town in central Washington