At first blush, you would never think that an Indiana author and a First Nations Lodge Keeper from Canada would have anything in common, yet Amy Sorrells and Cindy Crowe have a similar world view and compassion for those who feel they don’t fit in this world. Amy is the author of Lead me Home,a fiction novel that doesn’t shy away from tough topics that we struggle with today. Things like abuse towards woman, suicide, a mentally challenged child all make their way into her book. Amy hopes that those who feel they are broken, or misfits will come away from reading her book knowing that they are ENOUGH and they are loved, exactly as they are. Cindy Crowe, her native name means Caribou, is the founder and lodge keeper for The Blue Sky Community Healing Centre, a welcoming place where she offers World Diversity Coaching and encourages tolerance, understanding and respect for all individuals regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, religious or political beliefs, or other ideologies. Listen to these two ladies find their common ground, and realize how they are more alike than different, despite where they come from