IMagine that your child’s school fees are $50.00 a year. A lunch out between friends in North America or Europe but in Nepal, where the average YEARLY income is around $1200. this is a fortune. Today, due to the high rate of illiteracy and poverty, 2 million Nepalese children under the age of 14 are actively engaged in the workforce many of whom experience inhumane working conditions and many who are trafficked into the sex trade.
Those numbers didn’t sit well with Dr Jeffrey Overall, one of the co-founders for The World Pathfinder Children’s fund. This organization is currently educating 62 children from elementary to graduation with the understanding that in the future, these educated graduates would find work, and then in turn, pay to educate two more children. This is a model that is sustainable and fair to the receiver. Learn more at http://home/frankie9/