Are you ready to discover and master the ancient art of Connecting? Human Beings love to learn through storytelling. We also use stories as a form of communication and sometimes we tell the biggest whoppers of a tale to ourselves. It’s not the we intend to lie to ourselves exactly ,but we lie to protect ourselves and avoid taking responsibility for our actions. At times, we REACT to others rather than learning to Respond in a way that honors both you and your partner. ( or anyone you are trying to communicate with)
If you are tired of “getting stuck” in critical conversations, feeling powerless to create the kind of relationship that you want, or living with a nagging sense of isolation and disconnection, then No Bullshit Communication might be for you. Tongue Fu Master, Joshua Hathaway has a Masters in Holistic Clinical Psychology and has created the No Bullshit Communication tool box filed with badass, practical tools for leveraging the power of language so you can break FREE of limiting patterns of thinking and behavior that are screwing up your most important relationships and holding you back from your Ultimate Potential!