Today on FrankieSesne and more, we met 4 folks who are dedicated to social change, animal shelter reform and ENDING Animal Cruelty.

Gordon Shell, a former MMA fighter, literally put his life on the line to put a STOP to dog fighting and help- save these dogs. His last fight earned him 15,000 that went towards saving animals. Gordon recently spent 5 days in jail, received a $1000 dollar fine and ended up with 23,000 in legal bills for saving a dog by taking it away from it’s home. As you can tell, Gordon is dedicated to the dogs and even co-founded a HOTLINE for folks to call if they know about Dog fighting in their area. His latest project is to start a shelter Rehab program where he helps rebuild a dog shelter to make it more habitable for the animals.

Luke Westerman is a dedicated philanthropist, activist and artist, whose goal is to change legislation regarding breed specific laws throughout the USA but is starting in his home state of Ohio. Luke is involved with several organizations and he is looking at shelter reform and ending puppy mills. He is a huge Pittie lover and has two shelter dogs at home, Franky and Dino, and recently participated in the Ohio Pibble March.

Mark Barone and Marina Dervan are the founders of An Act Of Dog- Museum of Compassion. This couple have worked tirelessly for the past 41/2 years to create social change through art. Mark has painted 5500 paintings of REAL dogs who died in Shelters to illustrate by sheer volume the 5500 dogs that are killed daily in Shelters in the USA.