“I Heard you Paint Houses” is the title of author Charles Brandt’s book, as well as the first words that Jimmy Hoffa ever said to Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, a euphemism for killing someone and meaning that the paint is the blood that spills on the floors or walls.
Mob boss Russel Bufalino sent Frank Sheeran to work with Jimmy in Detroit with the Teamsters Union. The two men became close friends and Frank had a lot of love and respect for Jimmy.
When Jimmy vanished in 1975, there were a lot of conspiracy theories flying about and these have lasted years. No one ever came forward to say what had happened to Jimmy and his family suffered greatly from not being able to put their father and husband to rest.

After years of silence, Frank Sheeran, out of prison on medical grounds, agreed to speak to
Charles Brandt, his former attorney and author of The Right to Remain Silent.
Over the course of 5 years and nearing his death, Frank, a devout Catholic seeking redemption agreed to be interviewed by Charles Brandt, his former attorney and expert in interrogation techniques. Frank promised to tell Charlie the truth and stand behind his words.
While Frank was very concerned that he never be a RAT, he did want to tell his side of the story.
US Attorney Rudy Guiliani would name him as one of only two non-Italians on a list of 26 top mob figures, his benefactor . being the number 1 Mob boss, Russell Bufalino.
Frank discussed how he had performed 25 hits for the mafia, admitting to his role in killing Crazy Joe Gallo. He talked about delivering the rifles that would be used to kill John F Kennedy and he spoke about this family, his 4 daughters and he finally told the truth about how he had to kill his good friend and mentor, Jimmy Hoffa. Frank was given no choice. If he hadn’t killed Jimmy, Jimmy would still be dead and so would Frank.
I Heard you Paint Houses is already set to be a major motion picture, directed by Martin Scorcese, and starring Robert DeNiro as Frank, Joe Pesci as Russell Bufalino and Al Pacino as Jimmy Hoffa.