Mark Saxenmeyer is the founder and executive director of The Reporters Inc., a nonprofit journalistic production house that produces socially conscious documentaries. When you have an Emmy award-winning journalist like Mark, who is creative and fearless, social change is possible. Check out details about The Reporters Inc.’s upcoming documentary about wrongful convictions at, where you can also watch trailers for the project; it’s expected to air on PBS stations later this year. The Innocent Convicts tells the stories of folks who have been charged and sent to jail for crimes they didn’t commit. Some of these victims have spent years behind bars before new evidence sets them free. Mark also served as executive producer of The Experiment in Black and White, a powerful film that sequestered individuals in a house for a week, in order to confront racial prejudices and biases. The follow-up to that project, Experiment: Gay and Straight, did the same for gay and straight issues. The results are incredible. The Reporters Inc. is a powerful multimedia house that also offers its services to other nonprofits or organizations to help them formulate their own messaging.