In this episode, LeTonya talks Bullying with Andi Katsina, An Indie Author of almost twenty books, mostly epic fantasy. Andi’s book, is intended to promote healing, mindfulness toward others and it most certainly does improve the lives of all those who read it. She hopes to champion the anti-school bullying cause and intends to have her ‘Anti-Bullying Manifesto’ recognized and incorporated into the school system. Her book, Phat Girl & The Sankara Parasite, promotes the emotional and psychological health of young people, taking a firm stand against teen suicide.

This book levels the school playing field; turning the traditional approach to bully situations on its head, this gritty dark fantasy tale follows a girl bullied to the edge of suicide as she successfully etches out a journey of personal growth from a place of extreme despair. Learn more about the book, in this episode.