Meet Hollywood journalist, novelist and HSV-Meningitis survivor, Liz Crokin.

In this episode, author Liz Crokin, a seasoned journalist who covered Hollywood full-time for over a decade until October 8, 2012, when doctors diagnosed her with viral meningitis. Before her illness, Liz was on top of the world
making a six-figure salary and in a serious relationship with a man she had planned to marry. Her doctors were baffled as to how she got sick. The disease swelled her brain, left her with brain damage and unable to work or care for herself. Tests later proved that she had hsv2-meningitis and her illness stemmed from the herpes 2 (genital herpes) her ex-boyfriend knowingly exposed and infected her with.

Liz’s ex lied to her and all her treating physicians about his venereal disease. His deceit obstructed and delayed Liz’s treatment causing her condition to progress into the potentially fatal meningoencephalitis. Liz is pursuing civil and criminal action against her ex and has gone public with her story. Her goal is to educate and help others who have struggled with disease, a disability or fallen victim to a sexual assault. Liz’s political romantic thriller “Malice” is inspired by her experiences with her disease and working as a Hollywood journalist.

Liz’s recent works, “Malice”is a novel based off real events and shocking consequences.