In this episode, Rhonda shares who she is and what prompted her to start the Rose of Sharon Organization. She talks about Living Behind the Mask and its purpose. Rhonda will share details about the Gala that her organization is hosting with the City of Atlanta, GA. She share who are all involved with this year’s event and how the proceeds will be used.

We will also hear about exciting events the Rose of Sharon have going on and more about her Book Release “Don’t Spill the Tea.” This is a can’t miss episode!

We will hear Pt. 1 of Mrs. Ira Warren is Mother, Mentor, Wife, Poet, Motivational Speaker, Actress and an Ordained Minister’s story. She is a survivor of rape, incest, molestation as well as other forms of physical and mental abuse.
Ira is not afraid to tell her story and feels that it’s her duty to use her voice to help break the epidemic of rape, molestation as well as other forms of abuse. She has been told that her story has inspired others.

If there is anyone interested in Philadelphia or the surrounding area’s who would like Ira Warren to come out to speak at a school, event, etc contact her at