n this episode, host LeTonya Moore speakes with two domestic violence survivors and advocates. Gay Willis-McGhee was just two years old when her mother died, she and her siblings went to live with strangers. Reared by a great …aunt who provided her physical needs but fell short on emotional and spiritual support, Gay fell into the arms of abusive men in her search for the love she never knew. After 5 years of battered living and surviving an abuser’s attempt to end her life and finding herself homeless with 4 children and no help she was overwhelmed. Hear how Gay turned this tragedy into triumph! She is now a survivor of Domestic Violence, an inspirational speaker, a mentor for others and CEO of God’s Woman With Attitude Inc.

Vanessa Canteberry is the Founder and CEO of InspiredByVanessa. She was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She’s determined to continue to break the cycle of poverty, negligent and unnecessary hardship. Vanessa is a Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, Best Selling Author, Podcaster and on Radio, working from the comfort of her home. She is also committed to teaching individuals how they too, can become a business owner and overcome obstacles in their life. Vanessa has used her experience to become the Ambassador for Hope.