Mari L McCarthy was a high powered executive, traveling around the country for her company and working more days than not, until she was stopped in her tracks. Her body began to exhibit symptoms she could no longer ignore, and as it turned out, she was Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). For 12 years, Mary dutifully took her medication that was supposed to help manage her symptoms, but instead it made her horribly sick. After missing a few doses of her medication by accident,  Mary realized that she actually felt better. Going from go-getter to go sitter was difficult for Mary as she had lost the use of 70 percent of her body. Never the less, Mary bravely began journaling as a way of releasing her feelings, and found to her surprise, she was actually feeling better. As time went on, her symptoms were reversing and she was able to go drug free and regain 70 percent of her mobility.
Gabriella Van Rij is an Activist for Kindness. Her recent Dare to Care campaign took to the road in October, 2016. Tune in to hear the phenomenal response from  the kids.