For over 30 years,  one of America’s greatest NeuroSurgeons Dr. Alan Hamilton   has been living a double life- he is also one of the greatest Horse Trainers in the Country.
He recently wrote a 3rd book he titled, Lead with the Heart- Lessons from a Lifetime with Horses. “Working with a horse is never about the horse; it is always about you,” Hamilton writes in the introduction to this collection of more than 100 short essays. He calls on his experience as both a celebrated neurosurgeon and widely respected horse trainer to explore how the horse is a metaphor for the spirit and how working with a horse leads readers to examine themes such as the self and others; leadership, power, and trust; prey and predator; ambition and humility; learning and teaching; motivation and gratitude; and much more. He is also a decorated Army officer who served in Operation Desert Storm. and for those who LOVE trivia. For the last several years Dr. Hamilton has served as medical script consultant on more than one hundred and fifty episodes of the hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy and four seasons with Private Practice.