It was 1975, and  13 yr old CieCie Tuyet Nguyen was a  first hand witness to the fall of Saigon. She remembers well the day the Civil war ended as well as the day, the North implemented their own special brand of Communism.
What had the South Vietnamese fleeing by the thousands risking their lives on the open sea rather than stay in their homeland?
SHOCK PEACE is a true story set in a work of fiction! It is CieCie’s story as told by her character Trinh.

The next 3 years of Communistic rule, wrought horrific changes to the people of the south. CieCie is the first survivor to author a book in English and hers is called, Shock Peace, a while a book of fiction, all the events are true to life. This is her story and its an incredible testament to the human spirit.

The Viet Kong Communist regime was brutal beyond belief. CieCie’s story  includes the tales of the Re’education camps, bank thefts, amerasion children, pirates and more in an amazing book. She also gives a harrowing account of her own family’s escape on the high seas to finally settle in Australia.