What happens when two highly recognized Canadian talents..an award winning Internatio nal TV Producer, Writer and Director and her Visual Communicator, Animator, Writer and Artist award winniung husband decide to leave their high profile successful mainstream media careers? Inspirtainment INK.. Mary Guiffre and her husband Paul L Clark, needed to side step their careers and decided to use their Super talents for the betterment of mankind—oh and dogkind too.
Introducing Scribble & Grin- 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times- their first educational book which has already won 2 awards and should win some more for helping kids find their humor, self respect and compassion for one another. Angel in a Dog Suit is being promoted by the Ontario SPCA as a book , a long time in the making that speaks about PUPPY MILL Dogs and how where we come from doesn’t have any bearing on where we might be going. Everyone deserves love, kindness and caring.

Mary and Paul and working tirelessly to pass Ruby’s Legacy: STOP PUPPY MILLS IN CANADA!