Voted #1 Best Relationship Counselors, Dr Ken & his wife Master Relationship Coach Myra McKnight are  creating  Magic when it comes to Marriage. This dynamic duo believe that when two people make a Commitment to one another, they must do everything in their power and at their disposal to honour that vow.  In order to help folks follow through with commitment, they offer pre-marriage Counseling, workshops, mediation and more.

Dr. Ken and Myra are truly a blessing to those who want to learn how to create a Relationship that is loving, nurturing and supportive and good for both partners.  Relationships take work, and when you WORK with TEAM McKnight, you will learn how to put in the work that will allow your relationship to thrive. Commitment, Respect, Boundaries are words you will come to understand. Both Dr. Ken and Myra believe that any Relationship can be saved even one  that has been on the ropes for 30 years, however, both partners have to want it bad enough to make the Commitment and put in the hard Work not only with their partner but also on themselves.  Nothing is more damaging to a marriage than infidelity, but these two infidelity experts say they  can even help a couple through to recovery.

Life might be Good as one, but it’s definitely Better as a twosome! Visit