The DONALD has been sworn in, NOW WHAT? Donald Trump has made some swift  decisions within his first days of office and the public and press are not reacting  in a favorable way. What do YOU think?

The president elect has profiled a certain segment of society and deemed them a threat to the USA. In fact, Donald Trump has gone as far as barring legal residents of the USA from entering the country. Recent traveller’s with legal Visas, are being turned away at airports, despite having no ties to subversive groups or criminal records. Donald is threatening World Health Agencies with cutting off their funding if they even mention the word abortion and claiming the media are telling lies about him.

invited some of the gals from Dynamic Women Radio ( like the View for Radio) to join me for a ‘FRANKIESense’ No Holds Barred Discussion on ALL things Donald Trump.

I asked them to SPEAK THEIR MINDS on ALL THINGS TRUMP in a NO HOLDS BARRED round table and YES, we managed to stay POLITE and STAY FRIENDS!!! Imagine that!

I can’t speak for other elections, but I do know that longtime friends, some as long as 40 years are breaking up over their love/hate relationship with  President TRUMP  and his recent decisions and deployed policies.

The girls and I  discussed immigration, mysogeny, healthcare and much more.

Cathy Kravfe from Texas,  Linda Franklin from New York, Sandra Beck from California and host Frankie Picasso from Canada!


I called this show TRUMPALOOZER