Host Frankie Picasso of FrankieSense and More caught up with past guests Than Griffam of Hope Project Intl and Shivani Singh of Pathfinder so cent about the humanitarian efforts they both put forth this year.
Hope Project INTL has been busy in Christo Rey, Nicaurugua. They have served children over 40,000 meals and have been responsible for sending many of those kids to school. The average income is about 2 dollars a day so feeding and clothing, and sending children to school in a typical family of 5 is next to impossible without the kids suffering malnutrition and playing all day unsupervised.Tune in to hear all the great things they are doing and see how you can help.

Shivani Singh had a harrowing experience when traveling to Syria to visit the refugee children. Armed with gifts to help keep the kids warm, and candys, she was detained in Turkey and sent to Egypt. Listen in to see how she handled the situation.

Brent Marchant, the Good Radio Movie Correspondent went to the movies and discussed to socially conscious contenders, Hidden Figures and Fences. Hear what Brent and Frankie had to say about each and join us in our OSCAR Predictions. Tune in to find out which 9 movies you need to watch.