In this episode, LeTonya talks with Pastor Bill Jenkins, author of The Prophetic Almanac 2017. Pastor Jenkins shares specific predictions about specific states and what to watch to know what’s going to happen…even before it starts.


The Prophetic Almanac is a captivating book that will take you on a spiritual journey. It presents the tools to RESET, REWRITE, and REVIVE the plan of God in your life for 2017. With important dates, impacting knowledge, and a prophetic word for all 50 states, this book is full of information, inspiration and divine revelation. An opportunity of a lifetime awaits you. Are you ready?

In this book you will learn:

God’s prophetic purpose for 2017
How the number 17 is connected to your prosperity
The animal of the year and its significance in your life
17 predictions that could change the world
What it means to be born on the 17th day of the month
Scriptures that will help you RESET your life
Fun facts concerning the number 17
The 2017 Spiritual Forecast for all 50 States in America
Fascinating and hidden Bible Facts