Michelle Emson is an entrepreneur, LGBTI human rights activist, keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and documentary filmmaker and trans activist. She is an openly-out transgender woman, who transitioned late in life (at aged 50). Michelle bravely faced great loss to face the world as her authentic self, but  today at 56, Michelle’s life is full and today she is engaged to  Olena Semenova, a Ukrainian born LGBTQI human rights activist, World Kettlebell Champion & Coach, multi-lingual translator, and project manager.

Michelle owns and operates Sanctuary Studios Inc., a social enterprise that provides web design & digital marketing services to its clients, supports LGBTQI activism, and produces human rights documentary films. Sanctuary Studios is a Canadian based digital marketing Company serving, primarily, domestic clients. Their primary focus is on serving female entrepreneurs – women who are passionate about their business, about their “why”, and are typically heart-led entrepreneurs who also care for the community around them. The Good Radio Network site is a Sanctuary design:)
As a Trans Activist, Michelle supports other Trans folks who are having difficulty in the workplace by offering  them job opportunties within her company Sanctuary. She also brings her compassion and storytelling abilities into her photography and film work and her first documentar film, co-produced with Olena, “Pride of Ukraine(2015)” premiered at the Canadian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine whilst her second “Transgender Life in Slovenia(2016)” won Best Film at the 2016 Ljubljana International LGBTI Film Festival.

Whilst Michelle transitioned late in life (at aged 50) she firmly believes that one is never too old, nor too young, to step into their true authentic selves and live the life they deserve, without being bound by outdated social constructs of gender, identity, and sexuality.

She firmly believes that; “If we can learn to accept, and love, our own uniqueness then just maybe we can come to love, and respect, the uniqueness of others.”