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Sandra Beck is the president of Beck Multimedia., owner and operator of Moms Incorporated.. She is an Author, Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, and she runs a virtual empire of successful companies /she also hosts five Radio Shows: Military Mom Talk Radio, Powered Up Talk Radio, Dynamic Women, Coach Talk Radio and Motherhood talk radio.. An active contributor and participant in many charities, Sandra Beck strives to make the world a better place for today’s and our future’s children. Near to her heart are Toys for Tots, and World of Children and Children Uniting Nation

Dynamic Women Talk Radio

Failing Forward

Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter present today's international round table topic on "Failing Forward", with guests Efrat Sopher, Frankie Picasso, and Cathy Krafve. Do we learn more from failure than success? Are successes delayed sweeter in the end once accomplished? Is...

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Humbling Moments

Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter present today's international round table discussion on life's "Humbling Moments". Guests Cie Cie Nguyen, ShaRon Jamison, Angela Breidenbach, Alex Okoroji, Frankie Picasso, and Amanda Testa, Cathy Kravfe join Sandra and Linda today. Life...

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Sex Perception

Has your perception of the role of sex changed over the years? Do you seek more intimacy, more fun, change? Sex complicates things in some ways, but vital for a whole life.

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