Sandra Beck and Linda Kreter are  Unstoppable. The ladies are both  entrepreneurs, radio hosts, sales and marketing professionals, Moms, caregivers and much more. They are the hosts of the new radio show Dynamic Women and between their Military Mom and Military Family shows, they bring in over 3 Million Listeners. So How do they stay Unstoppable? Where does their GRIT come from? These ladies discuss with host Frankie Picasso the idea of being Unstoppable.  At different stages in their lives, Sandra still has pre teens at home and an aging father to look after while Linda is an empty nester and grandmother who volunteers a lot of her time to helping others.

Both ladies are more Steel Magnolia’s than Shrinking violets but life has a way of stopping EACH of us in our tracks. The Death of a Mother is certainly a moment that deeply affected all three ladies.

How do you move on from grief? What motivates some and not others to get back into LIFE?

Laughter is one of the ways these gals make it through to Unstoppable. Tune in and find out how you too can be Unstoppable.