On March 8th, Mission Unstoppable RADIO celebrated International Women’s Day and their #BE Bold For Change campaign by introducing you to some of Frankie’s favorite ladies from Around the World.

In honor of this day, we meet 3 women, CieCie Nguyen from Australia, Efrat Sopher from Great Britain, Sandra Beck from the USA and of course host Frankie Picasso from Canada.

I believe these ladies embody leadership, boldness, bravery and most of all heart.

Efrat Sopher is an Israeli born lawyer and Middle East and Foreign Policy Analyst who lives in London and specializes in Israel and Iran, speaks 5 languages, mother’s two small children. UPDATE..its official..Dr. Sopher  is Now in the House!


Sandra Beck runs an empire. She is president of Beck Multimedia, Author, Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Mother of two boys and the caregiver to an aging father.

CieCie Nguyen is author of Shock Peace, the first book written in English about the Communists invading Saigon. , and one of the famed Vietnamese Boat people. CieCie was 13 when North Vietnam invaded her country in the South and brutally murdered her countrymen, stole millions from bank accounts and enslaved many of the men in re-educatation camps. Today she is the mother of 4 boys, works as a pharmacist and lives in Canaberra, Australia.

Frankie Picasso is a Canadian SocialPreneur, founder of The Good Radio Network, Author, Coach, Artist and Radio host, Champion for Change who has been transforming lives and influencing culture for the past 30 years.