Frankie Picasso  interviewed two phenomenal women,  Actress , Animal Rights Activist and Musician Jon Mack and  Leadership Expert, Speaker and Author Anne Tucker

Jon Mack is the voice of the voiceless in her Defending the Endangered Movement. Jon uses her celebrity to make visible the graphic nature of poaching with her new video by her Los Angeles band, Auradrone. Her new music video on Youtube, “A Weapon of Choice” was created to raise awareness about the slaughter and near extinction of many endangered species, due to illegal poaching and trophy hunting.It is graphic and stunning and a MUST SEE! Please watch it below.

Anne Tucker wants to help you put your fears away when it comes to making decisions. She says “Don’t let doubt rule your life”.  Too many people are so paralyzed by the fears of tomorrow that they forget to focus on the wonders of today.With the help of her book,  Undoubtedly Awesome, you can conquer your fears and better understand your goals, dreams, and unique decision-making processess.