Benefit Concert for Lisa and family, Friday April 7th , at 7:30 pm . Featuring Danny Brooks and Li’l Miss Debi. Tickets are 15.00 .. Please purchase and support even if you can’t go! See Flyer for email/phone to buy- lower left corner

Lisa Johnson Dickey has Muscular Dystrophy, a child with sever autism and Stage 4 Cancer, but this young wife and mother of 2 isn’t counting the days until she dies but rather living EACH day as best version of herself. She is my Super Hero and she can be your’s too! With her positive outlook and dry sense of humour, Lisa and husband Matt, have one goal, they want to love each other well, and make lasting memories for their children. Does Lisa have a Bucket list? You bet! When Frankie Picasso asked Lisa what she would want her daughter to know about her, her response will astound you. Tune in to this inspirational broadcast. Margaret Hatchwell popped in to talk about her friend Lisa.