The Wisdom Tree is a metaphysical sci fi independent film directed by Sunil Shah, produced by Renu Vora and stars the talented award winning actress, Sheetal Sheth, in the lead role.
On a Special FrankieSense & More, The Good Radio Network’s own Movie Correspondent Brent Marchant and host Frankie Picasso come together with the trio to discuss the film that was shot on a low budget solely in Northern California.
What the film lacked in funding it made up for in production, great writing, acting and a team of many of whom volunteered or donated time and talent to see this film made. Complicated themes are introduced in a way that even a metaphysical neophyte would understand the connections to consciousness . Clues using art, music, philosophy, physics, science and more are brought together to create , solve and generate more mystery and more questions. This independent film longs to be seen by independent thinkers who will introduce others to the concepts introduced within.