I think that Story Book Primate Sanctuary, Canada’s ONLY Primate sanctuary, a place of safety and healing for monkeys who have been saved from labs or given up by owners or animal control and have no place to go. As a Society, I believe it is our responsibility to no only show our compassion for these amazing creatures but help Story Book do what it does best, heal and house these monkeys. You can visit them at www.storybookmonkeys.org
The Good Radio Network is adding Story Book Primate Sanctuary to our group of ‘GOOD FRIENDS’ we hope you all will help us support them.
You can start with their upcoming BENEFIT!
On Thursday, April 6th, there is a Benefit being held in Toronto for them at The Papermill Gallery,in Todmorden Mills in Toronto beginning at 7;00 pm. Included in this Benefit Art Show will be the ART of 80 renowned artists who together DONATED over 100 pieces of art to be sold at this event, including the artwork of Story Books most famous resident, Monkey Artist Pocket’s Warhol.
The famous and celebrated artists include Fear and Loathing artist Ralph Steadman (UK), cartoonist Terry Mosher / Aislin (Canada), artist, playwright and performer Cynthia von Buhler (NY), multiple TIME magazine cover artist Tim O’Brien, artist and animal rights activist Sue Coe (NY), brilliant New Yorker cover artist Barry Blitt (NY) , artist and photographer Yuri Dojc (Toronto) and, of course,
Anita Kunz, whose illustrations have been published on the covers of Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Time and countless other publications.