Debby Montgomery Johnson was too young to be a widow, but after 25 years of marriage, her husband died suddenly of a heart attack while out of town.
At a vulnerable point in her life, this mother of 4 was encouraged to look for love online by friends, some of whom had successfully remarried after meeting the man of their dreams. They said she had been alone long enough. Naive when it came to dating and the internet, Debby quickly tossed away the profiles of men who couldn’t write or spell until she found one who could. Tall, dark and handsome, she had met her match.
She was on a faith based site so she expected him to be a man of truth and worth, one who cherished family like she did. Finally, here was a man she was able to tick off all the boxes favorably and Yes, she had found a winner.
For over 2 years, she had daily contact with Eric. Over time, she had virtually met his sister and his son, and saw photo’s of his home. She asked loads of questions and believed that she was building a life with this Eric, a man she had never met in person, nor seen over skype.
Incredibly, this smart and intelligent woman over the course of her romance, had given over 1 million dollars away to her online love. As a former intelligence agent with the Air Force at the Pentagon, Debby had the where-with-all and skill set to vett her online love. Debby’s background also included working as a paralegal and a bank manager and she had taken over as CEO of her husband’s Nutracuetical company. If a Woman like Debby could be Catfished, what chance do the rest of us have to guard against these manipulative predators?Debby Montgomery Johnson is a woman on a mission. In her book, “The Woman Behind the Smile” Debby shares her personal experience with a love that turned into betrayal and financial disaster and she removes the mask of shame and shows others how do to the same. Tune in to hear how you can protect yourself and others from the dark side of online love.

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