Former Vice President Al Gore has been a driving force to save our planet from those of us who either don’t care or understand the harm that we are doing to this world we live in. In his documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, he showed us the reality of what Climate Change means for us all. He foretold of the Tsnami, the hurricanes  and floods that no one thought was possible. All of the things he spoke about came true.

One of the greatest achievements was in Paris, on December 12th, 2015 when the  Historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change was conceived.
195 Nations Set Path to Keep Temperature Rise Well Below 2 Degrees Celsius!  Imagine this. 195 Countries all working together. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said: “We have entered a new era of global cooperation on one of the most complex issues ever to confront humanity. For the first time, every country in the world has pledged to curb emissions, strengthen resilience and join in common cause to take common climate action. This is a resounding success for multilateralism.”

Then comes President Donald Trump. He directed  the Environmental Protection Agency to begin rolling back environmental protections and policies including the Clean Power Plan so that Corporations no longer have to worry about pollution controls and they are free to operate at will regardless of the damage to the air, water, land, animals, green house effect, etc.

Do NOT STAND BY and LET THIS MAN who thinks that Cold Weather means there is no Global Warming take this World away from our future generations. STOP HIM NOW and JOIN the MARCH. Add your voice as a Climate Activist to fight like your world depends on it, Cause it DOES!!!

GO to The Climate Reality Project and add your voice.