Host Frankie Picasso interviews two Lightworkers on FrankieSense & More.
This episode you will meet two individuals who are both sensitive to ‘messages from the other side’. Cindy Pearce is the owner of Crystal Rainbows, a magical place where she offers her services as a psychic, healer, reiki /shamballa practitioner and teacher. Cindy is creative and loves to work with items she has found in nature to create beautiful pieces of jewellery, or artwork.

Life hasn’t always been easy for her though. She suffered with mental illness, and has had to over came anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and agoraphobia. She was once a prisoner in her own home due to the severity of her fear. Today her world has expanded and she is able to live a happy, outbound life.

Shawn Berry Farewell is a Spiritual Motivator, Children’s Author, Children’s Sports Coach and a man who has been working with Cancer patients for 22 years to help them motivate themselves and move forward in life. He is a man who died and came back to share his incredible story, which he will be doing in his new autobiography, Fallen From the Light.

In 1993 Shawn had non Hodgkins Lymphoma, a type of Cancer that affects the Lymphatic system. After eight months of treatment and exhausting efforts from the hospital the doctors stopped treatment because his Cancer was no longer responding to chemo. But a true miracle happened. Today, in 2017 Shawn is in great health. Tune in today to hear his about Shawn speak about his experience, his philosophy on life and what makes him a survivor
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