One of Angelia’s crowning achievements was to become an author of her first literary release, “Slaying with Broken Pieces.” Her released title is in anticipation for her theme speaking tour “#mystoryourjourney,” revealing how Angelia overcame domestic violence, attempted murder, kidnapping, ousted from a real estate company that she was part owner, and chose to live and build with what was in her control, Angelia’s Industries Inc.

One of her greatest desires is to leave a life of legacy. Her investment in the youth of today and into her own children exhibits her belief that if you grow their mindset, the return will grow their assets.  Ms. Angelia Scott-Dunbar is a force in the market of real estate but a great woman of character in the society at large.

Her courage to succeed and not be overtaken by her circumstances reflects a mental clarity that is focused, stern and impenetrable. Angelia not only has a vision she has a determination to live the dream that we all have been promised.